Piano Purchase, Repair And Restoration Aspects

A number of highlights can be raised in this short musical note on purchasing, repairing and restoring the grand piano. Tongue in cheek. And in more ways than one. Whether your living room tinkler needs piano repair troy work done, whether your school’s grand piano needs to be restored, whether someone’s looking to buy a secondhand or brand new piece, a number of aspects should be taken into account by both customer and piano craftsman.

The customer must decide whether he will be staying with a production model or whether he will be able to afford a handcrafted piece. This is a painstaking and time consuming project but maestros should be remarking that the wait is well worth it. They may not always approve of the general customers’ discernment for selecting a cabinet above the key notes. Which is more important? The music or the furniture?

piano repair troy

It is still over to you to decide. Solid spruce soundboards will only be produced by the best quality piano makers. These soundboards are what produce a variety of colors and tone characteristics. Due consideration also needs to be taken of the action. This aspect entails the piano’s dampers, hammers, springs and wippens. All piano keys are important, surely. The best produced keys are weighted and balanced.

Musically, size is not important because size has very little say in the quality of music that the piano must produce. And provided that they are well-looked after and never neglected when repairs and maintenance or necessary, pianos can enjoy good lifespans, say, anywhere in the region of thirty to sixty years, depending on the make, model, type and size of the piano.   But it is not unknown for sterling pianos to go on to become centenarians.